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We've reverse-engineered the way employers find staff through platforms like SEEK, and have identified the most effective way for you to get noticed.

Regardless of whether it is an entry level job, manager, or executive position, employers are bombarded with between 500 and 1000 resumes and coverletters for every job ad they post.

It's not practical for any employer to actually read your coverletter or your resume - there are simply too many.

This makes jobseeking just as much a game of chance as it is a game of skill.  While flicking through the hundreds of coverletters and resumes, what will actually make an employer stop and read an application?

The solution is to break the cycle - interrupt their thought process by giving them something that demands attention.  Give them a coverletter and resume they're can't resist reading.

This template is so simple, so cheeky, and so versatile it not only demands an employers attention, but it also forces them to contact you for an interview. Regardless of the industry, or your experience.

Their curiosity alone will get your foot in the door.  They just have to know: 'who is this person that has sent me this stand-out coverletter?