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Masterclass: Social Media Marketing for RTOs

David has generated over $50M revenue for the VET sector in the past 10 years.  This masterclass explains how you can use #social to generate enrolments in 2017.

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Social Media Masterclass Overview

Marketing compliance standards for RTOs

Short overview and discussion of the standards for RTOs as they apply to social media marketing.

Transactional Marketing on Facebook for RTOs

Learn how to conduct a sprint session to build your campaign and start generating leads/sales on Facebook in under 24 hours.  Learn the data analysis behind getting the best ROI.

Influencer marketing for RTOs

Learn how we create Instagram niche sub-accounts that feed into your RTO master account - and the formula for building a large, targeted, organic following quickly.

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Masterclass: Social Media Marketing for RTOs with David Zanker


About the Presenter

David Zanker - Growth hacking specialist, speaker and investor with a focus on the education, employment and accounting sectors.


David's Bio:

➤ Master of Business Administration (MBA) - final project being the application of Total Quality Management (TQM) principles to the student recruitment process for Registered Training Organisations.

➤ Over 10+ Years as an education marketing specialist, consulting to over 100 registered training organisations and responsible for generating over $50M revenue.

➤ Previously CEO of VETtrak, the largest provider of student management systems in Australia, more than doubling their annual profits in just 10 months through redesigning the product and services mix.

➤ Was Sales and Marketing Manager for what became Australia's fastest growing training provider, starting a new division which booked over $10M revenue in its first 12 months.

➤ Developed and launched Australia's fastest growing job portal - Christmas Casuals, attracting Australia's largest retail and hospitality groups and 60,000 candidates - winning the Cool Company Awards in December 2016

➤ Author/blogger of the Institute of Careers, a career advisory service which was listed in the Anthill Smart 100 and now has over 50,000 subscribers.

➤ Managed recruitment across six sites for a Government owned JobActive / JSA provider.

➤ Developed and launched the Barefoot Money Guide which now has over 15,000 subscribers.

➤ Winner of the 30 under 30 entrepreneurship award at age 24.

➤ Early investor of Accodex Partners, awarded Australia's most innovative accounting firm in 2015.